Our People

We understand that behind every successful company is a team of very successful people. Vaishnavi Group is fortunate to have a talented team of professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide our clients with a superior service. Our team is a blend of highly qualified professionals and experts who are masters of their genre. We take pride in saying that we possess the best talent and creative minds. Our team has the potential to handle projects of any complexities and that too in the best possible way. Our people are intelligent enough to understand the requirements of the customers and portray the mirror image of what the customer actually wanted for his website. At Vaishnavi Group we not just design the website rather we create business solution for our clients. We take a concept and develop it into a tool that is not only visually appealing but also profit earning for the client. We are working with modern technologies and best industry practices. The current focus area of our technical experts includes but is not limited to .NET Technologies, XML, Java/J2EE Technologies, VC++, Oracle, SQL Server, PHP and MySQL. We are using modern HTML coding, high quality CSS for best browser compatibility and smart basic search engine optimization practices. Our web developers can build web sites, that can handle huge traffic without too many servers. The creative writers know how to create charisma with words. The overall result is a vibrant and attention-grabbing websites. The working environment is absolutely perfect and anybody would love to be a part of Commsoft. The aura is so lively and positive that the outcome is reflected in the results that are more than satisfactory for the client as-well-as for us.

Unique E-Bazaar enables empowerment by powering mobile phones. Unique E-Bazaar is constantly innovating to provide a range of unique solutions together with its continuous unparalleled 24 x 7 transactional convenience by the means of a simple SMS, Application and Web Portal.

Area Of Expertise

  • Vaishnavi Group is blessed with the technical experts who are well versed in the use of technology. When approaching a new technology application, as developers, we always keep the user experience in mind. We first focus on what the project is trying to accomplish and determine about how to get it done.